Virtual Roundtable - Emergency Preparedness and COVID-19 in Higher Ed

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About the event

Emergency preparedness is a crucial component for all higher ed institutions, regardless of size or geographic position. Even when there is a low risk of impact for colleges or universities, having a proactive attitude toward maintaining stability is paramount for maintaining a sense of calmness for both students and staff. As various news sources report on the novel coronavirus outbreak, adjustments may need to be considered for summer camp programming, facilities management, international campuses, communications sent to institutional stakeholders, and many other areas of oversight. Come learn how several campuses have utilized pre-existing continuity planning procedures to stay ahead of this latest disruption in a no-judgement roundtable where all are welcome to share and ask questions on how to better equip their own campuses.

Note: Please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's updates on COVID-19. The CDC is closely monitoring the outbreak and remains the best source of information for identifying symptoms, risk assessment, and preparing your community. This roundtable provides an opportunity for peer to peer sharing and conversation; campuses should still consult their campus risk management team and the CDC for guidance.

When & Where
Mar 11
11th March 2020
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM