Webinar: Data Driven – Opportunities in Auxiliary Services Using Existing Data

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About the event

With the upcoming launch of NACAS Benchmarking, understanding the value that comparing your institution to industry best practices is critical toward making the use of the latest member benefit.

Data is available in everything we do today; the value is in knowing that it is there and being able to use it. On our campus, we work to bring data forward from multiple original sources to better manage and understand our operations.  For years, we worked with spreadsheets, manually entered data, pulling data from different sources giving us different versions, in the end the results varied.  Today we focus on bringing the data directly from the source, ensuring that the data we use is constant throughout our program. We will demonstrate where we pull data, how we review data and how it has elevated our program.  Today we are more organized and strategic in making data-driven decisions. Using data and having it uploaded regularly allows you to view your programs quickly, providing the opportunity to review important information without delay.  Save time and increase accuracy while putting your information in the hands of those that need it the most. Join us as we go over the way we deepened our use and understanding of the data that surrounds us.

When & Where
Feb 26
26th February 2020
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM